Home Schooling

Coronavirus hasn’t been good for much, but it did give us an excellent practice run at home-education. For someone who treats learning like a competetive sport, Frank has become quite the teaching wizard. Izzy and Sam, both with completely different learning styles, have both seen a huge improvement in maths and English since lockdown began. While we’re travelling, we’ll be keeping that up and using our location to provide all the history, religious studies and science lessons we need to fill their education out.

Kuterevo Bear Refuge

We’re going on a bear hunt,We’re going to catch a big one,What a beautiful day!We’re not scared. – Michael Rosen Michael Rosen’s book was a firm favourite of all of ours when the kids were much younger and the old tattered and dogeared edition we read together so many thousand times is one of the … Continue reading “Kuterevo Bear Refuge”

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