About Us…

If you’d asked us 3 years ago what life would look like in 2020, we’d have told you that Gemma would be a midwife, Frank would be continuing to move up the ranks in the military and the kids (Izzy and Sam) would be juggling the school/home/puberty balance in your average British suburb.

However. A family suicide in early 2018 triggered some long dormant PTSD Frank had been storing up since 2009, after an ill-conceived expedition to Hellmand Province with the Royal Marines courtesy of Mr Blair.

Following a complete mental health crisis (spinning in hallways, putting socks in the toaster, and winning the thousand-yard-stare competition 2 years in a row), 24 months of intensive CBT and EMDR therapy, we are re-establishing the equilibrium by quitting life as we know it, leaving our house and home, and setting off in our trusty old Vauxhall to explore Europe.

It’s either a brilliant idea or a terrible one. Stay tuned!

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